Parent Teacher Conferences

Each teacher is listed below by department.  If you would like to meet with a teacher, please click on their name below and sign up for a Zoom meeting between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. on Thursday November 4.  After signing up, you will receive an email confirming the time as well as the zoom link for your meeting.

If for some reason all available spaces are full or you are unable to attend on 11/4, please contact the teacher directly (find email addresses by clicking teacher names HERE) and set up a meeting at your convenience.

Paul Gessel
Liz Homer
Eva Morfin
Julianne Atencio
Hannah Sanders
Career and Technical Education:
Shane Essency
Matt Gray
Pamela Hall
Charlene Hardy
Katie Henry
Dawn Koch
Cheyenne LaViolette
Karen Richardson
Kelly Ruud
Teresa Shively
Ed Ufford
English Language Arts:
Alyssa Bauermeister
Philip Cioppa
Kylee Clausen
Chelsea Evans
Natalie Guymon
Gabe Lay
Kim Maldonado
Tina Marang
Kim Mayer
Lindsay Mequet
Kim Reifle
Casey White
Nick Baker
Kelly Casto
Emily Defoe
Jake Fankhauser
Jeff Gilbert
Amy Hancock
Steve Klug
Kevin Joyce
Toby Landers
Carolyn Leggett
Sonia Moursund
Kiley Prather
Ashlie Rickards
Mark Sundberg
Physical Education:
Carrie Antonovich
Stephen Dyer
Rob Oram
Courtney Root
Mark Anderson
Eric Autrey
Scott Coleman
Tim Faix
Sara Flores-Anderson
Ben Koch
Christine McKinnon
Brian Palmer
Katherine Rowley
Jen Sauve
Evan Woodward
Social Studies:
Emily Carl
Jonnie Fenton
Collin Gibbs
Jill Ives
Sean Mars
Paul Mayer
Chris McKee
Shaila Mequet
John Nelson
Nate Suggs
Special Education:
Lynette Brightman
Dom Duncan
Lisa Estes
Jasmine Evora
Adam Griffin
Lisa Harding
Kayzin Holt
Sabrina Horn
Rebecca Sparks
Rick Manka
Laurie Price
Heather Wadsworth
Nicole Yetter
Visual and Performing Arts
Erin Dickey
Adam Hancock
James Jones
Matt Leggett
Kelley Muntean
Chris Newbury
Jeff Rader
World Language:
Enid Havelaar
Dora Hernandez
Michelle Jolley
Devin Mecham
Tara Smith
David Wilson