COVID Back to School

Back-to-School Town Hall mtg

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  • Can I use masks or face shields?
    • Yes, cloth face coverings must cover your nose and mouth.  If you use a face shield it must have an apron cloth that extends to your torso/chest area.  
  • Will students eat breakfast in their first class?
    • No, students are to eat at home.  Breakfast will be distributed on Friday afternoons for take-home use.  Breakfast will not be served at HHS.
  • Should students clean chairs?
    • Yes, Students should use an alcohol wipe to clean their desk, chair and other shared surfaces and materials at the end of the class.
  • What happens if I have COVID symptoms or Test positive for COVID?
    • When in doubt, stay home and don’t come to school.  
  • What if I suspect another student of COVID symptoms?
    • Talk to your teacher immediately.
  • What will Lunches look like?
    • Students will get lunch from their designated carts, then take a seat in the commons or Falcon Gym.  During the first day we will create a seating chart after the kids select where they sit and will be expected to use that seat every day.  Students will not be allowed outside on grass, in parking lots, or to leave campus.  We are planning some simple entertainment concepts to try and make the spaces more enjoyable.  
  • What if another student refuses to wear a mask?
    • Tell staff immediately.  Security and Administration will not give leniency because students can attend from home.
  • Are there passing time changes?
    • Students take the shortest route to their next class and avoid socializing in the hallway. The passing time will remain 5 minutes long.
  • When will temperature and attestation checks happen?
    • Temperatures will be taken during 0 hour and again during 1st hour.  Attestations will be checked at all entrances before 0 and 1st hours.  All late-arriving students will be directed to the main office entrance for attestation and temp check at arrival.  
  • When do I complete my Qualtrics Attestation
    • Qualtrics attestation will now be sent out the night before attending school the next day.  We are having everyone to do the attestation at that time.  At midnight the push notification link will be locked and stop working.  Anyone that uses Qualtrics after midnight will need to use the QR code.  This has to do with how we need the information sorted to get students in the building more efficiently.
  • How does the “A” and “B” work?
    • Students in the A group will either be in school or on Zoom on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Students in the B group will either be in school or on Zoom Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Students may not switch from A to B.
  • What about Fridays?
    • You can possibly come in to the building or zoom with your teachers for homework help, but there are no scheduled classes.