About Our School

The mission of Hanford High School is to become the Falcon Family.  Our Falcon Family consists of staff, students, families and community. 

We build this family by focusing on the following:

A Strong Foundation of Relationships:  These relationships encompass all members of our family and go in multiple directions. Making sure our students, families, and community feel safe and welcome is our number one priority.  We care for one another and treat others as we ourselves like to be treated.

Building Blocks of Excellence, Equality, and Equity:  As we continue to engage students at high levels of rigor, we expect all our students to excel.  For all students to excel, we make sure we provide an equal chance to learn and express that learning.  Students learn in multiple ways and need variety.  We provide equity by supplying our students with what they need to be successful.

The Four Pillars of Education:

  • Academics – We offer the classes and programs our students want as our schedule of classes are solely based on student choice. 
  • Attendance – Encouraging students to attend school is about giving them a reason to be here.  If students struggle attending, we eliminate barriers and provide assistance.
  • Engagement – Students who are engaged in a school activity are more successful in school.  We have a variety of clubs and activities to complement our athletics and arts.  If we don’t have a club in which a student is interested, we will help that student start one. 
  • Character – Strong character is a must in the Falcon Family.  We teach it and live it.

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