Math is Cool Competition--Congrats to our HHS Mathletes!

Math is Cool Competition--Congrats to our HHS Mathletes!

Congratulations to our Hanford HS Math Team for their performance at the regional Math is Cool competition held at Columbia Basin College.  Our 9th/10th grade team placed 1st in their division and our 11th/12th grade team placed 2nd in their division. 

The following individuals were recognized by the math class they are currently taking:

Algebra 2

2nd Place:  Alvin Liu

3rd Place:  Sonali Santhosh

7th Place:  Lily Deng

8th Place:  Emma Yuan


2nd Place:  Adam Tan

3rd Place:  Elena Chavla

4th Place:  Qurin Choi

5th Place:  Leyi Wang

6th Place:  Clara Stickney

8th Place:  John Custodio


1st Place:  Colin Shen

2nd Place:  Anthony Petyuk

3rd Place:  Audrey Xu

5th Place:  Sean Xu

6th Place:  PJ (Patrick) Ryan

7th Place:  Nathan Hu

10th Place:  Grace Deng

The following students were recognized as Best in our school

Alvin Liu – Algebra 2

Adam Tan & John Custodio – Pre-Calculus

Colin Shen & Jaden Lee – Calculus

9th/10th Grade Team:

Audrey Xu

Colin Shen

Sonali Santhosh

Alvin Liu

Qurin Choi

Elena Chavla

Leyi Wang

Clara Stickney

Lily Deng

Sophia Chen

Emma Yuan

Jayden Lee

John Custodio

Nathan Keseljevic

Louis Qin

Adam Tan

Navaj Nune

Daniel Kim

11th/12th Grade Team: Xavier Zhang

Eric Ming

Allen Xiong

PJ (Patrick) Ryan

Anthony Petyuk

Sean Xu

Kai Erdmann

Nathan Hu

Jessie Shi

Grace Deng

Kennard Hou

Calder Orrell

Kelvin Han

Luke Berglin

Rajit Sareen

Abigail Wang

Tyler Yao

Math is Cool Team
11th-12th team
9th-10th team
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