Hanford Photography Awards

Hanford Photography Awards

On Monday, April 15, 2024, the Area Wide Photography Advisory Committee held its annual Photo Competition. Students from area schools including Hanford, Richland, Southridge, Kennewick High, Kamiakin, Pasco High and Chiawana entered photographs into the competition. There were 4 categories that the students could enter work in: People, Places, Things and Wildcard. Along with the categories there was also a photo awarded "Best in Show." The very talented photography students at Hanford had photographs place in the competition:

Gloria Thomas- Best in Show, People 2nd place, Wild Card 1st place.

Zane Bracy- People 3rd place

Paarth Mattas- Places 1st place

Beetle Lyman- Things 1st place

Ashley Richter- Things 2nd place

Eli Han- Things 3rd place