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Winter sports information below:Greeting’s student-athletes and families,

Here’s what you need to be aware of if you are interested in participating in winter sports:

WINTER SPORTS REGISTRATION- All students interested in participating in Winter sports (Girls Bowling, Boy’s Swimming, Basketball, Wrestling) need to do the following before the first practice:

  • Register on Family ID- Winter sports registration is open and available
  • Turn in a current hard copy of your sports physical to the front office. There’s a drop box located outside the main doors that is available 24 hours.


We will hold a winter sports parent meeting specific to the Girls Bowling team on Wednesday, October 27th @ 5:30pm. This is due to Girls’ Bowling starting on Monday, November 1st, instead of November 15th like the rest of winter sports.

We will hold an additional winter sports parent meeting on November 10th @ 6:00pm in the high school auditorium, for the rest of the winter sports (Basketball, Boys’ Swimming, Wrestling). Both meetings give student-athletes and parents a chance to meet the Athletic Director and meet individually with winter sports coaches. In addition, Marsha Milliken (Athletic Secretary) and Brenda Izquiredo (Bookkeeper) will be available if needed.


  • Girls’ Bowling- 1st day of practice will be November 1st

Head Coach – Tim Faix


  • Boys’ Basketball- 1st day of practice will be November 15th

Head Coach – Allyn Griffin


  • Girls’ Basketball- 1st day of practice will be November 15th

Head Coach – Evan Woodward


  • Boys Wrestling- 1st day of practice will be November 15th

Head Coach – Dom Duncan


  • Girls Wrestling- 1st day of practice will be November 15th

Head Coach – Dom Duncan


  • Boys’ Swimming- 1st day of practice will be November 15th

Head Coach – Jesse Grow



Please keep in mind that all unvaccinated student-athletes participating in “High contact” indoor sports (Basketball, wrestling) or “High aerosol” generating activities (Indoor cheer) will be required to participate in bi-weekly testing. In order to determine who is vaccinated and who is not, we ask that all students with proof of vaccination status bring it to their coaches. However, before any testing is conducted, we need parent consent! Parent consent will be required and is valid for the entire season.  

CONSENT FORM HEREClick here for COVID-19 Testing Consent Form

 In addition, student-athletes who are required to participate in bi-weekly testing will also be required to sign up/register on what is called "simple Report". Simple report is the new program that gathers test results. In fact, parents are able to receive their child’s test results right to their cellphones.

The "simple report" link can be found below:

All testing will be conducted by the Athletic Trainer, Coaches, and Administration. Primarily the coaches. All Head Coaches will be trained by district nurses on how to properly conduct a test at our coaches meeting or when convenient.

Pay attention to the section titled any symptoms: 

  • recommend testing 3-5 days after symptoms start
  • Can return to school: 14 days past last date of exposure AND
  • 10 days after symptom onset if positive test result or no test

Essentially, this means that if we (HHS) suspect students have COVID, we encourage them to test. If they refuse, we can assume positive, and they would be required to quarantine for 10 days. However, we would like to avoid this. As a result, we encourage parents to keep their kids home if they're sick or feel they are sick.

Please feel free to contact the athletic department if you have further questions or concerns.




Gary Winston

Hanford High School

Athletic Director


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